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Giggle Mode

Femme fatale cushion

$16.10 $23.00

[ Product information ]

Product name _ Femme fatale cushion
Material _ cotton 100%
Size _ 29 x 18 cm

It is recommended for use as a mini pillow for a nap.

Cotton particles are small and coagulation is less and washing is possible.

[ How to use long ]

Simply strike both sides once every 3 days so that the air is well ventilated in the cotton.
If cotton compressed, wash with wool course or hand-wash.
spin-dry  is the weakest, if it is less than 1 minute, dead cotton will survive again.

Looking at the real thing, it is very cute,
so laughter may come out, so please be careful.


Country of origin : South Korea
Manufacturer: Giggle Mode

[ It is a product made with gigglemode design ]

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